Early Bird is a roasting workshop located in the heart of the Beauvau/Aligre market halls.


Early Bird is first and foremost the idea of creating a company that makes sense.

Due to our location, we are passionate about bringing together local residents, neighbors, and market enthusiasts over a good coffee and homemade cuisine, made from products purchased from our neighbors, the market vendors.


We foster the idea of service and sharing so that your coffee break becomes a ritual and invites you to enjoy a unique moment.

From starting up the roaster to the first crack, the aroma and the sound of the beans in the drum invite you on a journey.

Desiring to cultivate the art of coffee, we select specialty coffees and roast them on-site every day.

Artisanal coffee roasting highlights the unique character of terroir coffee. Bringing out the typical aromas of a terroir coffee is a skill that we emphasize.

Also, and because we are passionate about democratizing access to exceptional coffees, we are always happy to engage with our customers and tailor a roast to your tastes.


Selecting coffee from small farms or local cooperatives ensures the sustainability of healthy economic relationships, encourages producers to focus on quality, the taste of the coffee, and helps preserve a unique terroir and strong identity.

We serve our coffees every day with barista expertise (espresso, cappuccino, chemex, and aeropress) and are delighted to share with our customers this journey of exchange and taste discoveries.

Marché Beauvau

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EARLY BIRD, winner of the Great Taste Award 2023
Great Taste is widely recognized as the most respected food accreditation program for artisans and specialty food producers. Beyond being a badge of honor, the unique black and gold Great Taste label is an indicator of a wonderfully tasting product.
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“On va déguster”, François Régis Gaudry

Star stall of the Beauvau-Aligre market.

Le Filtre

In this article from ‘Le Filtre’, we delve deeper into the importance of grinding.

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Early Bird and Lovers café Club

Our journey in Loic’s box. One box, two specialty coffees.

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Label made in Paris in 2021 and 2022.

We are proud and delighted to belong to the large family of Parisian artisans for the second consecutive year.

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EARLY BIRD, 2022 Winner of the ‘Prix du Goût d’Entreprendre’

Five artisans from the food trades were honored by the 2022 ‘Prix du Goût d’Entreprendre’ for their expertise, creativity, the quality of their products, and their approach to sustainable development.

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Telerama Sortir à Paris and Early Bird: A Beautiful Story

We trust their top recommendations: @esterelle, @francoischevalier.

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