6-cups coffee maker

A wooden collar that adds a very stylish touch to this coffee maker, while also protecting you from the heat of the coffee.

  • Mouture

    Taille : grossière (entre celle d’une cafetière électrique et celle d’une cafetière à piston).

  • Quantité

    entre 7 et 10 g par 100 ml d’eau selon la concentration souhaitée.

  • Eau

    Non bouillante (90-95°C), filtrée ou de source si possible (type Volvic).

  • Profile de la tasse

    L’épaisseur du filtre, la forme lisse du porte filtre et son angle vont permettre d’extraire un café très puissant et riche en arômes, avec un corps soyeux.

The Chemex Coffee Maker allows you to make up to 10 cups of coffee. It has a sleek design. The wooden collar and leather tie around it give it a very elegant style. Its simple design and neutral materials make it practical and easy to use. It uses a simple filter placed on top of the coffee maker.

Its coffee-making method retains as many aromas as possible.

Expert's opinion:
"When we talk about gentle methods, we immediately think of Chemex. And for good reason, it's the star of Slow Coffee. It's THE coffee maker for tasting coffee. It offers us a very smooth coffee, close to an infusion, with unmatched aromatic power. It's truly the ideal preparation for having a coffee after a meal and to share.