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Black Tea

Scottish Breakfast Tea

Balanced, freshly floral, slightly malty, with a full body.
A very pleasant contemporary tea, not just for breakfast!

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  • Water temperature

    100° C

  • Steeping time

    3 to 5 minutes

  • Amount

    4-5 heaping teaspoons/1 liter

  • Benefits

    Antioxidant properties

  • Tips

    We love it with a splash of milk!

Originally, these blends were created especially for the soft Scottish water.

The interaction of carefully selected "Brocken Teas," organically grown, and originating from Assam, the African continent, and the high plateaus of Northern India, imparts an extraordinary character to this blend. For the tea connoisseur, each individual origin speaks for itself, but this combination develops a truly unique taste perception after infusion.