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Green Tea

Matcha Japan

The aroma is sweet and fruity, with a rich and aromatic taste profile.

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  • Water or milk temperature

    80° to 90°C Cow's milk or plant-based milk for a magical matcha latte! If the liquid is too hot, the matcha may become too bitter.

  • Amount

    2g for 200ml of liquid

  • Benefits

    Antioxidant properties, protects the skin, slows down cellular aging, boosts immunity.

  • Tips

    Mix using a chaseng (matcha whisk) for 1 minute for a frothy blend.

In the late 16th century, the first Matcha is believed to have been produced in the Uji district.

The altitude of 250 meters, calcium-rich soils, and frequent ground fog form the basis for excellent and complex green teas.

During preparation, the bright emerald-green Matcha develops strong, matte green shades, crowned with a creamy froth.