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Floral, Pink Lady red apple, kiwi, tannin aftertaste with hints of black tea.

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  • Region

    Nyamagabe District, Southern Province

  • Farm-Producers

    Gitega Hills Cooperative

  • Botanical Species


  • Botanical variety


  • Altitude

    1,700 masl

  • Manual and selective harvest

    April to June

  • Classification

    A, Screen15 up

  • Treatment


Rwanda is a country rich in diversity and fertile lands. The entire country is situated at a relatively high altitude, with the lowest point being 950 meters above sea level. Marshy wetlands and sunny savannahs prevail in the east, while the center is characterized by rolling hills.

The volcanoes provide nutrient-rich soils, blessing the entire region with lush slopes.

The Gitega Hills washing station was built in 2015 in the Nyamagabe district, close to the Nyungwe Forest National Park.

It was established by Bernard Uwitije, a native pharmacist who saw great potential in the specialty coffee sector. This washing station is well-equipped with fermentation tanks, 87 drying beds, and can process up to 700 tons of cherries annually. The station is supplied by around 1,200 farmers from Gitega, Karama, Nyanza, and Ngara.

Bernard Uwitije ensures his partner farmers have access to various social benefits such as health insurance, loans, organic fertilizers from coffee cherry compost, and seeds to plant pineapples. Though this station is quite young, the meticulous work carried out by its team produces exceptional washed and natural coffees.

On the global market, this station showcases some of the best coffee Rwanda has to offer. We selected this coffee for its richness and its "Honey process" treatment. After being harvested, the coffee cherries are depulped and directly sun-dried with their parchments and mucilage. This method originated in Panama and offers significant ecological advantages due to its water-saving benefits. In the cup, a fabulous sweetness is revealed.