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Our Vitality Infusion, for a cup full of vitamins and good mood.

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  • Water temperature

    100° C

  • Steeping time

    5 to 10 minutes

  • Amount

    3-4 heaped tablespoons.

  • Benefits

    Good for the mood, energizes the body, antioxidant properties, vitamins.

  • Tips

    Delicious hot or cold, this infusion accompanies you at all times. Best-seller in the shop!

This gentle and balanced creation acquires a fruity sweetness from apple pieces and carrot flakes. To this, a touch of freshness is added thanks to lemongrass, mandarin pulp, and a hint of hibiscus. Beetroot pieces give a rich color to the cup, with a slight earthy flavor note. Orange wedges with dried fruit pulp subtly reference the delicious aromatic notes of fresh citrus.