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Winey, panela sugar, with a hint of vanilla

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  • Region

    Iquira, Huila

  • Farm-Producers

    Mujeres Cafeteras Grupo La Unión de Villa Maria

  • Botanical Variety

    Caturra Excelso EP

  • Altitude

    1,600 - 1,900 masl.

  • Treatment


  • Manual and selective harvest


The Colombian municipality of Iquira - right in the heart of Huila - on the foothills of the Nevado del Huila volcano offers the optimal conditions for coffee production, thanks to its mountainous topography, volcanic soil, altitude, and temperatures.

The agricultural association La Union de Villa Maria represents the coffee producers from this region and strengthens the production, commercial, and organizational capacities to create a broader market of buyers for their coffees.

Within this union, a group of female producers has joined forces to promote their coffee together.

All of them already operate their own farms, partly because they are widows or have been independent entrepreneurs from the start.

By working together, these women enhance their farming practices, manage to get higher prices for their products. This has a significant impact on their quality of life in the rural areas of Colombia.

We are proud to introduce you to this coffee and give you an appreciation for the hard work these women put in every day.


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