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Ljen Plateau


Notes of rhubarb, full-bodied with a velvety and smooth sensation.

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  • Region

    Ljen Plateau, Java Est

  • Farm-Producers

    Jampit Estate

  • Botanical Varieties

    Java Typica, USDA, Kartika, Catimor

  • Altitude

    1,000 – 1,400 masl.

  • Treatment


  • Manual and selective harvest

    May-June and August-September

Coffee cultivation in Indonesia has a history that spans 300 years, heavily influenced by Dutch colonization. Today, Indonesia stands as the fourth-largest coffee producer in the world.

Approximately 85% of East Java Arabica coffees are owned and operated by PTP, which represents the official governmental organization founded in 1894 under the Netherlands. The remaining 15% of coffee production lies in the hands of farmers who possess very small plots of land, employing traditional processing techniques.

In contrast to other Indonesian coffees which are mostly semi-washed, Java coffees, including the Blawan and Jampit estates, are fully washed.

This processing has a significant impact on flavor due to the fermentation process of approx. 36 hours. After drying, the coffee has a moisture content of about 12%, and the coffee beans are meticulously hand-sorted leading to a very consistent and clean cup profile.

The Blawan estate spans a total of 1,250 ha.

Ljen Plateau

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