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Blue Tea

Semi-fermented Chinese Oolong Tea

Slightly oxidized Oolong tea with flavors reminiscent of green tea but more floral and mild in taste.

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  • Water temperature

    85° to 95°C

  • Steeping time

     2 to 3 minutes

  • Amount

    4-5 heaping teaspoons/1 liter

  • Benefits

    Antioxidant properties

The freshly plucked tea leaves are first air-dried on cloth in the open air and sunlight, then rolled in cylindrical bamboo baskets to break the leaves and start the fermentation process. After reaching the desired level of fermentation, the tea is dried at a low temperature.

Oolong, which means "Black Dragon," originates from an ancient Chinese legend and may refer to the black serpents occasionally found coiled around tea bushes.

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